Polson Pier's Sound Academy has been completely re-done, right up to literally raising the roof. Now known as REBEL, this waterfront event space hopes to set a new industry standard for events and nightlife in the city of Toronto.

We thank Charles Khabouth (CEO, INK Entertainment) and Alessandro Munge (Principal, Studio Munge) for talking to us about this revolutionary hotspot in the making.

What was the inspiration behind the design and renovation into REBEL?

The main objective of the remodel was not only to deliver a visually striking platform for guests and headliners, but to elevate their collective experience to new heights of hedonism.

What were some of the biggest challenges in bringing the new design to life?

Most of the challenges for this renovation were in the structural engineering as we removed pillars to create unobstructed views to the stage and took the roof off to accommodate a new mezzanine area.

What sets the distinct rooms apart from one another?

Throughout the venue will be multiple bars, each with their own design concepts, and a large dance floor. There will also be an exclusive backstage club situated discretely away from the main stage, as well as an intimate yet dynamic side club that will feature impressive views of the city, also tucked away from the main room. The mezzanine will house a pièce de résistance – a grand central bar with a light installation hung above and lush VIP booths that will offer unobstructed views of the main stage.

Through immersive light features, a state-of-the-art sound system and the implementation of some of the world’s most advanced LED lighting technology, guests will be instantly absorbed into a world of sensorial self-indulgence at the new venue.

It will also feature two floors with private VIP access, sprawling views of the city skyline and a seamless connection to the luxury outdoor lounge, Cabana Pool Bar. The venue’s main feature will be a 65-foot stage with an expansive installation of LED video walls.

Are there any planned add-ons for after the space has officially opened?

Nothing at this time

What types of events could you see being hosted in the venue?

It will be a mix of corporate events, live music shows plus one club night per week.

It has been said that REBEL hopes to set a new industry standard for the nightlife experience in the city. Could you please elaborate on that?

"Being in this industry for over 25 years has given me the opportunity to see and experience some of the world’s best practices in hospitality and entertainment. My vision for this space was to create something that is mature and sophisticated, both in the way that it looks and functions. Ultimately I wanted to design a space that creates a complete sensory experience for our guests." - Charles Khabouth