Have a Unique Spring Wedding with These 16 Fresh Ideas

It takes a lot to plan a wedding since everything must be perfect for the bride, groom and guests so that they will have a night to remember. Springtime is a popular season for weddings, but just because it’s often done doesn’t mean you can’t make it unique. These 16 fresh ideas will make a wedding so unforgettable that guests will keep talking about it long after the bride and groom have left for the honeymoon.

#1 Green Is the Color of Spring

It’s not a popular color choice, but green is the most natural color of spring and will make your wedding look fresh and unique. Furthermore, food that is naturally green will add a particularly beautiful touch.

#2 Fresh Fruit Adds a Nice Touch

Fresh fruit can serve as both a decoration and an appetizer or snack. The fruits of spring can add beautiful color to a table, and having them surrounded by white gives a nice clean and fresh look.

#3 Have the Reception Outside

You’re gambling with weather when you decide to have your reception outside. However, adding tents and heaters as backups can help minimize the risk and give you a night to remember.

#4 Black and White Is Gutsy for a Spring Wedding

The colors of black and white go nicely in winter, but they’re rarely used in spring. Using these colors can allow you to have fun with colorful foods, creating unforgettable food that’s just as good to look at as it is to eat.

#5 What is Springier Than Bare Budding Branches?

Most couples opt for flowers as table decorations, but having bare branches that are also budding can allow you to focus on food instead. It’s simple, clean, and fresh looking.

#6 Picking the Right Venue Can Make All the Difference

Picking a venue that has a natural spring look will help the rest of the reception decorations come together. With a great catering company, you won’t have to worry about menu and food and you can focus on the rest.

#7 Classic and Vintage Never Go out of Style

Vintage-themed weddings are popular, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be unique. Make it perfect for spring by using classic pastel lace overlays and loose, flowing fabrics.

#8 Country Weddings Are Elegant and Springy

During the springtime, an elegant and classical wedding in the country is just the ticket for an unforgettable night.

#9 A Rustic Setting Brings Springtime to a Whole New Level

A rustic theme and setting are often associated with late summer or early fall, but a springtime rustic wedding, particularly when paired with a farm-to-table menu, can bring new life to the concept.

#10 Springtime Is All About Easter

An Easter wedding is often unheard of, but an Easter themed wedding makes everyone enjoy the bloom of spring and the return of flowers and birds. Life is renewed with an Easter theme, and the menu can mimic a typical Easter dinner that will not only be unique, but also fresh.

#11 Cherry Blossoms Are Beautiful for a Spring Wedding

Cherry blossoms are absolutely beautiful for a spring wedding. Not only is it common to see cherry blossoms in the spring, but the blossoms provide a nice floral touch without getting out of control. Having too many flowers can affect guests and food, so opting for a nice clean touch like cherry blossoms makes everyone happy.

#12 Springtime Colors in the Food Are Beautiful and Tasty

There are many springtime foods and colors that can be used in menu items. From choosing a nice light pink cocktail as your signature drink, to having fresh greens and clean meats, food will look appetizing and delicious.

#13 Crisp, Cool, and Fresh Food and Drink Is the Way to Go

Having alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are crisp and refreshing will give guests the much needed break from rising temperatures that usually occur in the springtime. Also, having refreshing meals and appetizers can really make the wedding unforgettable for the bride and groom and their guests. Lamb with a mint glaze or classic mojitos could be the crisp touch you need.

#14 Romance Is in the (Spring) Air

Of course all weddings are romantic, but you can make yours unique by having a different color palette that still breathes romance and yet differentiates the wedding from any other one. Soft lavender, mint green or baby pink are perfectly suited to the springtime. Furthermore, coordinating a menu that enhances the romantic atmosphere will leave guests in awe.

#15 Bright and Clear Colors Will Breathe Life into a Springtime Wedding

Pastels are popular for a springtime wedding color choice, but using bright and clear colors like bright sapphire can really make people feel alive. There’s also a lot of bright-colored food that can pair nicely with these themes.

#16 Having Multiple Colors Can Bring the Wedding to a Whole New Level

Don’t be afraid to have multiple colors. Many people opt for one or two main colors, but having multiple colors can be fresh and fun. The only limit to having a unique and fresh springtime wedding is your creativity and imagination.